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All the World's A Stage

And all the men and women merely players

Calhoun High School On Tour Company LJ Community
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hey everyone

Join and Promote Please

this community is for use by people involved with or part of the calhoun drama program
please read the rules before posting

-no gossip
-nothing that's not relevent
-standard english typing (please don't misspell everything. i'm not saying grammar has to be right, but somewhat normal spellings please)
-no stupid quiz things
-all picture must be behind an lj-cut. if you don't know how to do this, either read the FAQs or ask
-no obnoxious responses to people's questions or ideas. those who do so will be banned
-all posts/comments must be signed with the poster's name
-do not ask people to do things for you. asking for help is ok, but i do not want "i don't know how to do the drama project will someone do it for me?"
-have fun and don't be afraid to ask questions

Aude Sapere
Daria (the mod)

Troupe 3311 2005-2006 Officers
President: Susan Rattner
Vice President: Chris Scherer
Secretary: Daria Maidenbaum
Treasurer: Amanda Gold
Scribe: Rachel Houle
Scribe: Caroline Diano