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Hi everybody!

I was thinking about lj and different communites i was part of, and i decided it would be cool if our drama program had an lj community. I would like this site to remain just for people who are part of or involved with the Calhoun On Tour Company, just to keep things clear and easy.
I also think the purpose of this site should be a discussion board for drama as well as a question & answer page. Anyone with questions regarding things with the program, or even questions about things in class can ask them on this page, and hopefully myself, and any others will be able to answer them. Any other topics people wish to bring up are also welcome, but they should have something to do with with either our shows, or the program in general, or theatre/drama itself if it feels relevent. I really don't want to have to put restrictions on it.
One thing i DO NOT want however, is for this to become a gossip page. If i see that any member is using this community to talk about other members of drama they WILL BE banned.
That's all i really have for now,but if other things come up i will post them.

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